Effective Transference

"Having skills and wanting to put them into practice is not enough to achieve an effective change. 

Willpower is finite, we can not depend on it to change in long term.

We need something else..."

In Habitus, we are aware that is not enough with the change of mentality that we work in the room. To achieve an effective change it is required to form new habits and modify the environment to favor the application of new behaviors.

For that reason, the transformative route ends with the design of a transfer program that affects these three factors:


Customs and automated behaviors that we are often not aware of.


To modify our habits we must understand their formation process.


The physical and cultural space we are part of can have a great influence on the behaviors we choose to have.



By modifying our environment, we can drive our behavior.


The way we perceive or frame what is happening or what we are doing determines our behaviors.


Strengthening the change of mentality operated in the previous phases favors the production of new behaviors.

Custom designs

Individual follow up

  • On-line Individual Development program

  • Executive Coaching

Group follow up

  • Design thinking. "Co-creation" of change solutions

  • Group session of behavior change