Employee Services

"Increase the productivity and engagement of your employees through CSR policies with Habitus"

Companies through the Corporate Social Responsibility have evolved and increasingly perceive workers as a substantial aspect and prominent in the efficiency of organizations.

The Corporate Social Responsibility policies aimed at the employees themselves are an opportunity to help them to have a better quality of life and, in this line, an important factor is the relationships with people in their environment.

It is a reality that everyone and, therefore, the employees, face personal situations of conflict, lack of dialogue and problems with family members and third parties, which sometimes need to be solved with the intervention of a neutral third party. When these situations arise, and the worker does not know how to manage them or finds difficulties to do so, his mood, motivation and performance may be reduced, his activities may be distracted, he may show slowness and absenteeism, rotation or resignations may be generated.

Companies that see workers as their greatest ally must be concerned about them and their welfare. One way to do this is to provide their employees with the necessary channels to resolve their conflicts with the best professionals.


From Habitus we want to achieve an effective change at all levels in the way people communicate and resolve their differences. We are convinced that happy employees are more productive! For that reason, we offer collaborative conflict management services for employees, where the company is the point of connection between employees and Habitus.

Benefits for the companies

Benefits for the employees

  • Improvement of productivity and work environment

  • Generate CSR policies that also have impact on their own benefit.

  • Improve the engagement of your employees.

  • Create company culture.

  • Access to a quality service at reduce price.

  • Time saving in the search of qualified professionals with experience in the collaborative conflict management area.

  • Effective solution in situations that most affect to their happiness.