Collaborative Management Conflict

"The efficient and adequate conflict management can be an opportunity for improvement and growth"

Scope of action


Conflicts arise in all families, but, in turn, in all families there is always a will to solve the differences and achieve the joint benefit. We help you to achieve it.


Conflicts arise in every organization; effective communication management and proper management of each conflict have an impact on the productivity of companies. We help you to achieve it.

Habitus offers


Expert and specialized professionals who facilitate understanding and guide you in reaching the best solution to your problems.


An ad hoc process and effective management that facilitates agreement and saves time and costs


An adequate environment that favors the collaborative management of the conflict.

What can you win?


Average cost of the litigation.

2497 €

Average cost of meditation.

Economic saving

 76.22 %

Time saving

83.94 %

 MORE stable relationships.


Agreement of GREATER value.


As an average saving

548 days 

Time average of litigation.

88 days 

Time average of mediation


of meditation cases ended up in an agreements

Conflicts can arise both in the personal and in the professional sphere, and sometimes the intervention of a neutral third party is necessary. More and more companies and families choose alternative processes to the litigation to solve the difficult situations of their day to day.


Collaborative management is the process by excellence that allows to put an end to the differences in a productive way, achieving that the relationships are not affected, and that the substance does not have to be sacrificed. This form of conflict resolution does not mean giving in, it is about creating value and achieving the interests of all the parties involved.

In Habitus we are aware that to achieve efficient solutions it is necessary to understand that each conflict is different and, therefore, deserves specialized attention. The best solution will be one that takes into consideration all the circumstances and meets the interests of all parties. Our goal is to resolve conflicts as quickly as possible, but without neglecting the substance and maintaining relationships.