Executive Coaching

"Personal growth as an engine of organizational development"

High performance athletes know their goal very well when they compete: WIN. To reach their goal, it is not enough to only strive and work in an arduous, constant and disciplined manner. They are aware that they need the help of a specialized trainer, a professional who guides and prepares them to achieve the goals that are proposed.


This example does not look similar to the business world, however the truth is that in essence the example can be extrapolated. In the business world, constant training is necessary. And in this task the personalized accompaniment takes center stage and focuses on the particularities of each person.


This accompaniment is an integral, coherent and continuous process for the development of human talent.

What is the Coaching objectives?

We understand that the evolution and development of organizations necessarily implies the development of the people who work in them. The acquisition of professional and personal skills directly affects the quality of life and this contributes to improving productivity.

For that reason, from Habitus we want to help people to be aware of themselves, to discover and strengthen their abilities and to help them change their mentality with the aim of modifying behaviors and achieving favorable, consistent and coherent results.

Who is it for?

Any people wishing to enhance their personal and professional performance can attend this training.


Habitus offers executive coaching for both professionals who have participated in a company global training, as well as professionals who autonomously decide to receive this training in a personalized way and want to receive support from a professional to help change the environment and modify habits to achieve the change of mentality that we promote from Habitus

What does Habitus Coaching contribute to a person? 

It helps to develop the potential of each person

It works the particular needs of each person and, therefore, helps him to fill specific gaps.

It facilitates personal change, getting people to adapt better to changes.

It creates awareness, responsibility and brings people to action.

Provides communication tools that strengthen relationships with third parties.