Transformative routes

Effective communication, negotiation and appropriate management of the differences and conflict are our focus. Our objective is helping the people and organizations to achieve consistent differential results in a market every time more competitive. To achieve it, we have designed transformative routes that allow us to find the improvement areas for each individual or group, offering customized solutions and assure the transference and the change in the long terms.

Our transformative routes have 3 steps:

Self Awareness

It is required to know our starting point to change.

In this step, we get a personal photography of our skills and abilities.

This analysis is done through different tools such as:


Based on the detected needs, we design trainings to change the mental framework and show tools and behavioral processes that allow the improvement in the desired results.

We work in the following areas:


Effective transference

The third step is the consolidation of the change.

We work individually or group on the habits and the environment to guarantee the effective behavior change.

To achieve this change we use the following tools: